A leader’s most important tools to achieve and sustain success are clear goals and the rigorous use of unambiguous performance measures to evaluate progress.


Performance Planning, Measurement & Improvement

Performance Standards, Systems and Roadmaps

Recruitment Strategies

Sustainability Strategies

Succession Planning

Skills Infusion Services

Outsourced Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Outsourced Project Management Office (PMO)

Outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Staff Augmentation

  • Clearances
  • Hard-to-Fill Positions
  • Quick placement


Maintenance of your success into the future and a shift in thinking and strategy from the short term to a longer, multi-generational time frame. 


  1. Implement a change that “sticks” through planning training, recognition, performance measures and feedback.

  2. Apply performance measures to assess individual, project, and department productivity

  3. Use performance measures to encourage and reward process ownership

  4. Use performance measures to direct limited resources to activities and individuals that produce results and away from those that do not

  5. Apply performance measures to drive new behaviors and turn them to habits.

  6. Update traditional measures of success, such as the number of clients served or the number and type of activities undertaken.  

  7. Utilize performance measures to sustain success

  8. Assess staff performance capacity

  9. Provide training and enhancement support

  10. Use performance measures to help staff apply what they have learned and to ensure training return on investment

  11. Make improvement and achievement fluid and ongoing