We put our expertise in service to you to address your needs and to achieve your goals.

What makes us successful is that we work with the potential within each organization and apply our experience and expertise as it fits, rather than to push a pre-established solution onto customers.

Our goal is to provide useful consulting and coaching services with integrity and high quality. We believe that these values are too often missing from the consulting field.
— Lisa Morgan, Principal, Simple Solutions

Our founders began their careers working in large consulting firms whose work often left customers feeling dissatisfied and in no better position to achieve their goals.  Our flashy presentations and thick consulting reports may have provided some insightful analysis, but fell short of helping leaders to take action to achieve measurable success.

Later, as leaders of organizations who hired consultants, we witnessed the same problem but from the customer's perspective.  Namely, the consultants we hired provided us with the approach and answers they knew, but not with the tools to address our issues within the complex environment we faced in our organizations.

From these experiences we learned that the ability to help others define and achieve their goals is an area of expertise in its own right, and we have put this skill at the centerpiece of our work.

We stake our reputation on our ability to provide the highest level of skill and dedication to you, our clients, as we provide you with beneficial solutions in Leadership Effectiveness, Operational Excellence, Performance Management, Change, Reform, and Transition.